Quickbooks Point of Sale

Make better business decisions with sales, inventory, and customer information




Boost Your Bottom Line

  • Know which products are selling
  • Keep track of customers and purchase history
  • View reports at a glance
  • From Intuit - the makers of QuickBooks and TurboTax

Manage Your Inventory with Ease

  • Point of Sale Pro adjusts inventory with every sale, order, or return
  • Instantly see what’s hot and what needs to be reordered
  • Keep popular items in stock with automatic purchase orders
  • Save money on inventory by ordering only what you need


Simplify your everyday tasks

  • Simplifies your life by making common tasks, from selling to bookkeeping, fast and easy
  • Simple, clear sales screens ensure you can ring sales quickly and keep lines moving
  • Use a barcode scanner to make transactions even faster and reduce errors


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