Software Development

Internet & Intranet Applications
Cloud, Mobile, eCommerce, CMS Sites
Web based applications are making software more accessible and scalable, while decreasing the need for complex IT infrastructure, simplifying IT management. Our software developers specialize in technologies such as .PHP, Python, JavaScript, Umbraco, .Net, Servoy, Drupal, Wordpress. Systems By... can design a new site or extend the functionality of existing sites.

So whether your needs are just the ability to easily maintain site content with Web Content Management Systems (CMS) or you want to virtually run your business activities with Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Acounting/Inventory/ERP, Commerce, Sales Force Management, Systems By... has got you covered..

Custom Programs
Database Design and Development
Tailored to the way you do business.  Do you have need of a program that no one else needs, or has?  You may have thought "it be great if I just had a program that would..."  We can design and implement software that meets your needs.
Vertical Market Programming
Programs for specific market segments-
Designed with specific industries in mind.  Certain industries require software that just can't be found in other places. It may be a general need for anyone doing what you do, but is hard to find or doesn't meet your needs.  We can design software that will fill that gap, increase your productivity and make your business easier to run.
Programming Languages
Visual FoxPro, Servoy, C, C++, Java, .Net C#, PHP, Python, etc...
We offer a variety of languages to tackle your specific needs.  Whether you need C, C++, Foxpro or Java, you have come to the right place.  
Have a database that needs work?  Need a completely new database?  We can handle many different types of databases.  If you don't see yours here, contact us, we probably handle it too.
Maintenance & Conversions
Maintaining old code, converting data & re-writing apps
Some older Programs do exactly what you want, but are becoming a bit dated.  We can help you update them and make them work with your new equipment and OS's.  We can also do a complete rewrite to get exactly what you want.  Or maybe you just want to convert your data to your new program, whatever you need, we can make it happen. 
* We are specialists in maintaining & converting legacy Foxpro apps
Other Programming
There are many small repetative tasks that you don't need to do one by one, and maintinence that can be done with the click of a mouse.  There are utilities that can help you do the things you need to with less hassle.  We can make those little odd niche programs and save you time. 
Utility Programs 
Maintenance Programs 
Process Automation Programs 
User Interface & Machine Interface Programs 
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